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About the Luthier, Mike Boggess 
and the Three Warnings
Written by Ed Wolph his close friend of 20 years

Do you believe in the magic of music?  Do you have the desire and the courage to share your deepest feelings, your joy and sorrow, heartbreak and ecstasy with others through music?

The Vision
Mike believes in the mystical power that lives in nature and music, the mystical power that lives in the tree that provides the wood for your guitar, and in the mystical power of music over human beings.  Mike acquired his spiritual connection with nature and music as a young river guide in Idaho. 

The alchemy of Mike Boggess can help you create the perfect instrument to give flight to your musical soul. You’ll experience the magic created by Mike’s craftsmanship, released to the world through your skill as a musician.  

First Warning: Mike believes in taking risks. He dropped out of college for a period of time to pursue his love of the river and music. He may convince you to take some risks too. The payoff: in collaboration with Mike you’ll design the guitar of your dreams, your own, unique, Treesong guitar.

The Skill
Mike has always been a wood worker and skilled craftsman but he also accepted the need to toil in the corporate world to earn a living for his family. Finally, after years of managing multi-million dollar construction projects, Mike decided it was time to fully commit to his true passion... to follow his personal spiritual journey to its natural destination.  Building guitars turned out to be the perfect blend of spirituality, craftsmanship and music to empower this leg of his journey.

The Process
Building guitars by hand is a process and tradition basically unchanged for many hundreds of years.  Unlike factory-built guitars a hand-built guitar is a unique musical instrument. It contains the essence of the craftsman who created it. In the guitar you can see reflections of the craftsman’s courage, his ability to overcome adversity, his skill and patience and even love. Since you will be involved in the process of designing your own Treesong Guitar it will also reflect your spirit and values.

Second Warning: Your Treesong Guitar will be so beautiful you may spend hours just admiring it.

Final Warning:  Remember when you were growing up and there was one kid with whom your mom did not want you to play? Mom always knew when you came home with skinned knees, torn jeans, a bloody nose or a bent bicycle wheel that someway, somehow, that kid was involved.  He was the kid who was always building tree forts or bike jumps; he was the kid you always wanted to play with because he had the most fun.  Be warned:  Mike Boggess is that kid all grown up (kind of).  If you’re reluctant to light your inner fire, to see just how far your music can take you, again, be warned:  Mike will have you taking risks that may change your life. 

But, just like when you were a kid, it will be fun.