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Teaching Trees to Sing
Welcome to the world of TreeSong Guitars. Denver-based luthier Mike Boggess recaptures the spirit of trees that have lived generations in the forests throughout the world and now are being reworked and remolded into beautiful guitars. Their spirit in collaboration with your music will delight all who hear you play. Together we  are "Teaching Trees to Sing" and to express your music! 

All TreeSong Guitars are unique and reflect your dream and beautifully support your music. it is a fun process and quite a learning experience as we walk through each step and collaborate on your design and desires. I most enjoy getting to know you and learning about where your guitar will begin its lifelong journey making music and touching lives. 

I love the fact that each completed guitar begins a new life and is like a pebble being thrown into a pond. How far the ripples reach and who they touch I will never really know. But I do know that your world and the world you touch will be forever changed for the better. I will be honored to build a TreeSong for you!
 ~ Mike Boggess - Luthier
Ramin Karimloo on his US tour with his TreeSong
Sierra Boggess taking a break with her TreeSong in New York!
Be sure to check out Sierra's debut CD "Awakenings". Just click on the CD cover below. Listen to my TreeSong as I accompany her on "Wildflowers"!
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My first resophonic build. Cherry wood with curly Maple bindings!
Summer at home learning a little folk music on her Parlor Guitar. Monkey Pod with Lutz Spruce top.